Pursue Our Dreams
The very first challenge of annual production of Formosa Circus Art! Bringing courage and dreams with physical language and passion.

Assimilating stunt performance, choreography, street culture and the theatre arts, Pursue Our Dreams adopts both innovative and conventional approaches to exhilarating effect. A completely new experiment on FOCA’s part—refreshing to the audience, to be sure—the audacious production incorporates at least ten wildly diverse elements into it: juggling, stunt, street dance, modern dance, Parkour, image, music, lighting, costume, and interaction. Ten distinct ways of expression are joined together to tell a single tale—that of the challenges faced by this era’s younger generation, and their courage to overcome them in order to pursue their dreams.

Previous Tour Experience.

Apr 2013

Festival Pisteurs d’Etoiles in Obernai, France

Jul 2013

Festival d’Avignon Off, France

May 2014

A l’Est du Nouveau in Champagne, France

Bringing courage and dreams with physical language and passion.


Pursue Our Dreams

Producer|Chih-Wei Lin     Director|Kuo-Wei Chang

Choreography|Chen-Ju Lin、Chia-Hsuan Fan、Chih-Hao Huang

Chun-Hsiang Chiu、Yu-Che Lai     Stage|Chun-An Hsieh

Costume|Ming-Tse Chen、Lu Chu

Lightning|Ping-Hung Lee     Music|Pai-Gang Lee

Live Singing|Wei-Hau Lee、Shan-Chun Chung

Actors|Hung-Lin Wang、Chia-Cheng Sung、Chih-Wei Lin

、Chia-Hao Hu、Kuo-Wei Chang、Kuo-Lin Chang

、Chia-Hsuan Fan、Chih-Hao Huang、Chao-Ming Huang

、Shih-Hui Chiu、Chun-Hsiang Chiu、Wei-Lun Peng

、Shun-Kuo Tseng、Ching-Hau Yeh、Ching-Te Kuo

、Kaun-Ting Chen、Yu-Che Lai、Hui-Ting Tsai、Yuan-Yang Lo

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