FOCA Formosa Circus Recruitment Program
Let’s create more impossibilities together on the stage

Formosa Circus was established in 2011. It is named after the pride of Taiwan’s beautiful treasure island. It combines traditional culture, local culture, street culture and theater art to create a variety of contemporary circus arts in Taiwan. Class performance types, develop a unique body language. FOCA’s team members come from various performance fields, including stunts, juggling, hip-hop, contemporary dance, martial arts, drama, etc. It is the only contemporary circus team in China with more than 20 full-time members.

In the next 5 years, FOCA will deeply cultivate Taiwan, focus on Asia, and cultivate more circus talents, so that the visibility of Taiwan’s circus can be deeply rooted in family brands. We will gradually complete the following plans and hope to invite more partners to fulfill our dreams with us!
★2022 Hsinchu Children’s Circus Classroom officially opened
★2022 Tainan Shuijiao Society Cultural Park – Circus Talent Reserve Center launched
★2022 Taiwan Circus Tent Project officially launched

【Recruitment Qualifications】

  1. Have enthusiasm for performing arts, and have worked in art-related fields for more than one year.
  2. Those who have the basic ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, and those who are very good, will be given the opportunity to go abroad with the group to assist in the tour.
  3. Able to travel across counties and cities and on weekends/holidays.
  4. Understand and have a high degree of enthusiasm to absorb domestic and foreign art information.

【Welfare System】

  1. Enjoy labor and health insurance, employee travel, and meals.
  2. Personal production and theater production director training and assistance.
  3. With a sound administrative team, actors can concentrate on their performances.
  4. Participate in domestic large-scale special performances, circus tents, public welfare activities, theater productions and other large-scale performance opportunities.
  5. Participate in international overseas tours and large-scale circus art festivals in various countries to increase vision and practical experience.
  6. Provide perfect venues and training courses. According to the different settings of the director’s works, arrange suitable teachers to attend classes, drama, dance, body development, etc.
We look forward to partners who love circus to join us, continue to shine on the stage we love, and create Taiwan's own circus culture. I hope that with everyone's participation, we can develop more good works. Welcome to join us and create more impossible on stage together! If you are willing to join the ranks of FOCA's circus, please contact us and we will contact you as soon as possible.