Circus Party
Everything you never expected, is all in the Circus Party.

The Circus Party is inspired by the Hollywood movie The Greatest Showman, which narrates the story about how does the legendary circus Barnum and Bailey Circus has founded.

 It describes the journey of how the founder Phineas Taylor Barnum grow from an impoverished nobody into an entertainment company owner who spreading joy, affection and courage to all around the world. Barnum once said, “the noblest art is to make other happy.” FOCA hopes to bring surprise and joy to the audience through the circus performing arts, so that the audience can go home with a satisfied mood and cheerful smile.

 The most eye-catching part of the performance is the huge stage installation, which combines the concept of container structure and the circus tent, in order to create a unique stage space in which the actors move through, symbolizing that have the courage to challenge themselves and dare to dream of life.

The noblest art is that of making others happy.


Circus Party

Director|Kuan-Ting Chen

Choreographer|Chia-Hui lee、Kuan-Jung Huang

Video Editor|Ding-Yang Tsai

Costume|Cephas Cheng

Design|Mars Cheng

Lightning|Fang-Yu Guo

Exhibitor|Hsin-Hsiu Liu

Photographer|Ken Wang

Video|Po-Hsun Lin

Props|Ching-Te Kuo

Stage Assistant|Chih-Lin Ho

Perfomers|Chao-Ming Huang、Yuan-Yang Lo、Yue-Wei Hsu

、Kuan-Jung Huang、Chia-Cheng Sung、Wei-Chen Chao

、Chia-Hao Hu、Fang-Jung Chang、Hsin-Yu Wu

、Tsun-Jen Tung、Ying-Ting Chou、Ying-Chen Lo

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