Self and Others
What would you do, if you are alone?

Although each human being is different individual, we still have close and strong connection with our mothers. We are not alone right from the beginning. We seem to be different individuals, yet we have inseparable relationship between groups.

There are seven teenagers has few social experience, they came from different families but they have same dreams. However, they yielded their dreams due to the reality and went opposite direction in different field. They born in a rich generation but seems to face the most helpless future. The have everything, and have nothing.

A single person seems can complete lots of things. However, if everything reset to zero, do we still need to rely on others?

The actors overlap their bodies on the props, they merge in it and discover from the very beginning. It shows our close and alienated relationship with others present by charming contemporary circus.

Previous Tour Experience

Aug 2015

Taiwan Season of Edinburgh Festival Fringe

People must be individuals, but more importantly, they must be groups.


Self and Others

Producer|Chih-Wei Lin

Director|Chun-Hsiang Chiu

Choreography|Tsung-Hsuan Lee

Music|Pi Chiu

Costume|Lu Chu

Props|Ching-Yao Peng LightningHsiu-Hao Lin

Actors|Cheng-Tsung LinKaun-Ting ChenChia-Hao Hu

Chao-Ming HuangChing-Te KuoYue-Wei Hsu

Hsuan-Cheng Chen

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